Blue Star Memorial
The Blue Star Marker program has been in existence for more than sixty years. The Garden Clubs are proud of this “Let Freedom Ring” program that remembers those who have dedicated their lives for our safety and freedom during times of unrest in the world. It was at that time Garden Club members visualized a memorial. The project was named for the “Blue Star” in the service flag, which hung in the window of homes and businesses to honor service men and women. A Blue Star Banner that was hung in the window of a home meant that family had someone serving in the Armed Forces. The flag made its appearance during WWII and appeared once again during the Persian Gulf War.
This tradition is now being revised by placing the Blue Star on a byway marker, permitted in parks or historical sites and other civic locations. The National Garden Clubs Inc. would like to have this memorial through out the country. We would like to have a string of memorials through out the state. We would like to see you be part of this living memorial that will reach from state to state across the country. This is truly a fitting tribute to those who served their country and to those that are serving their country. It would be great to see a few more markers installed for the 4th of July. 
Terry Marchica

18 Clubs in Our District have Blue Star Memorials!! 
Some clubs have two markers for a total of 20 in our District!!

OCTOBER 13 2018

9th District