Judges Council Terry Marchica & Evelyn Tapani-Rosenthal

Next Judges Council: August 5, 2019
meeting called to order at 10:00 am
at Lasdon Park & Arboretum Main House

Welcome Student Judges!

Bring your Handbook, the Designing by Types book and your most current issue of The National Gardener or tablet with digital copy.

9th District Judges:
Dee Aspros, Mary Bowles, Gwen Cort, Marion Cowles, 
Merle Huebner, Susan Lee, Terry Marchica, 
Evelyn Tapani-Rosenthal, Barbara Schaefer, Charlotte Spiers & Pam Wright

10th District Judges: Ann Bloom, Jane Madis & Jeanne Nelson

Emeritus: Charlotte Donigi, Auralie Logan, Barbara Novich 
                    & Kathryn Shubar

9th District Credentials: Gwen Cort
FGCNYS,INC. Credentials: Karen Stephens-Mace

Symposia & FSS 2019
May 20, Renton, WV
June 4-6, State College, PA
June 10-11  Berea, KY
July 14-16, Athens, GA
August 7-8, Birmingham, AL
September 7-8, Canton, OH
September 13-14, Minneapolis, MN
September 15-17, Durham, NC
September 23-24, Kalamazoo,MI
September 13-14 Minneapolis, MN
October 26-27 Arlington, VA
October 27-29, Winter Park, FL
FSS Course III November 10-13, Fort Lauderdale, FL
FSS Course IV October 14-16, Dewitt, NY
FSS Course IV October 16-18, Derby, CT