Judges Council Terry Marchica & Evelyn Tapani-Rosenthal

Next Judges Council: August 6 2018

Always bring your Handbook, the Designing by Types book and your most current issue of The National Gardener. 

9th District Judges:
Dee Aspros, Mary Bowles, Gwen Cort, Marion Cowles, 
Merle Huebner, Susan Lee, Terry Marchica, 
Evelyn Tapani-Rosenthal, Barbara Schaefer, Charlotte Spiers & Pam Wright

10th District Judges: Ann Bloom, Jane Madis & Jeanne Nelson

Emeritus: Charlotte Donigi, Auralie Logan, Barbara Novich 
                    & Kathryn Shubar

9th District Credentials: Gwen Cort
October 2-4 2018 Chappaqua FSS Course III (refresher)
October 9-10 2018 New Jersey Symposium
​October 16-18 2018 Connecticut Symposium
November 4-6 2018 Palm Beach FL
March 26-28 2019 Chappaqua FSS Course IV (refresher)